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MOB SOAP LOAF Price: $29.99 | No reviews for this product.
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Cutting your Mob soap loaf is so easy! Place your MOB soap loaf on a wooden cutting board and simply score the soap by making little cuts with the knife to indicate how wide each bar will be. You can even use a ruler to create your measurement. Position the knife evenly across the top of your soap loaf. Push the knife straight down into the soap. Just cut straight down Like cutting a block of cheese.... No need to move the knife back and forth, just straight down threw your Soap Loaf.. Slice the entire soap loaf into bars or just slice when you need a bar. Your Mob Soap Loaf will be ready to use. After slicing, just let your bar sit for a day or two to get a litter firmer and your good to go! Each Soap Loaf is approx. 2lbs and approx. 6" x 2.5" x 3.5". Which makes 6 pretty big bars of soap if you slice them in 1" intervals. Please note:  ... if you feel unsafe using a knife, we will gladly send your MOB soap loaf sliced into 6 one inch bars. Please let us know in the memo area when you check out.

| No reviews for this product.