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Valentine Soaps


Valentine's Day is all about Love! 

Share your love with someone special and
Don't forget about yourself!

Every 3 bars purchased get one Free!

soapacaimagnolia.jpg Acaiberry Magnolia Soap Price: $4.95
The Beautiful Magnolia flower fragrance is Sophisticated yet yummy. Always a Top Seller!
rosesoapbar5.jpg Fresh Cut Roses Price: $4.95 Fresh Cut Roses
Average rating:
You can smell beautiful Fresh Cut Roses everyday with this soap!
soapberrybramble.jpg Berry Bramble Price: $4.95
Berries and Cherries! Fruity & Juicy! Raspberries & Blueberries!
soapvioletcandies1.jpg Candy Violets Price: $4.95
Remember back in the day... the violet candy's ?This soap smells similar to the violet candy!
GardeniaLily.JPG Gardenia Lily Price: $4.95
This captivating fragrance of Gardenia & Elegant lilies makes this a romantic fragrance for both Men & Women.
100_3558-001.JPG Baby Dolls Price: $4.95
This smells like Fresh Clean Powder, just the way Baby Dolls should smell. Clean & Fresh.
RaspberryViolet.JPG Raspberry Violet Soap Price: $4.95
Another favorite! Compares to a Bath & Body Work type fragrance. 
soapgardenia.jpg Gardenia Soap Price: $4.95 Gardenia Soap
Average rating:
I Just love this Beautiful fragrance. Nice rich Gardenia scent.
soaphibiscus.jpg Hibiscus Soap Price: $4.95
Such a pretty fragrance Beautiful, strong scent like the remarkable Hibiscus flower.
soapballerinaslippers8.jpg Sweet Pea Price: $4.95

Sweet Pea is such a delicate beautiful flower and loved is English Gardens.

lavendersoap.jpg Lavender Soap Price: $4.95
A wonderful aroma of lavender flowers. Very popular fragrance.
caribbeancantaloupesoap.jpg Sex on The Beach Soap Price: $4.95
This soap Smells like the popular fruit mixed drink. Great soap for the Fruit Lovers!
soaplovespell.jpg Love Spell type Price: $4.95
If you like the Baby powder you will Love this one. This fragrance is kind of mesmerizing.
pomegranatechampagne.jpg Pomegranate Champagne Soap Price: $4.95
If you like the scent of Pomegranate and the taste of Champagne.... Hello there !!!
lilacsoapbar.jpg Lilac Soap Price: $4.95
The delicate nature of the lilac is softly feminine but Men love it Too!
strawberrieschampagnesoapbars3.jpg Strawberries & Champagne Soap Price: $4.95
Strawberry and a whole lot of sparkling champagne! Nice light fragrance!
Pinkhandmadesoap.jpg Red Hot Candy Soap Price: $4.95

Our Red Hot Candy Soap screams Happy Valentine Day! Smells so Yummy!

juniper breeze soap.jpg Juniper Breeze type Price: $4.95

Our version of this popular BBW type. A wonderful balance of floral scents makes this a popular clean and fresh fragrance!

Carnation.JPG Carnation Soap Price: $4.95

Another Beautiful Floral Fragrance. Fragrance is true to it's name.

choccherries1.jpg Chocolate Covered Cherries Price: $4.95

Wow! Chocolate Covered Cherries. Without the carolies! This smells so Delish!

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