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soapacaimagnolia.jpg Acaiberry Magnolia Soap Price: $4.95
The Beautiful Magnolia flower fragrance is Sophisticated yet yummy. Always a Top Seller!
almondsoap.JPG Almond Soap Price: $4.95
If you like the Almond scent, you'll surely love our Almond soap.
Harvestmoon.jpg Autumn Harvest Soap Price: $4.95
Fall is in the air, especiall with this Wonderful blend of fragrances.


100_3558-001.JPG Baby Dolls Price: $4.95
This smells like Fresh Clean Powder, just the way Baby Dolls should smell. Clean & Fresh.
RaspberryViolet.JPG Baby Grace type Soap Price: $4.95

We Hit the nail on the head with this Beautiful Duplication!

soapbabypowder.jpg Baby Powder Soap Price: $4.95 Baby Powder Soap
Average rating:
Nice warm baby fresh, baby soft background. One of my Fav's.
Carlafacciolosoap-a.JPG Bahama Mama Price: $4.95

WooHooo Bahama here we go! Smell the coconut and fruit. This is a nice fragrance.

soapballerinaslippers8.jpg Ballerina Slippers Price: $4.95
Sweet Sweet and Sweet! I love this one! It's all kinds of Cherries blasted into a soap!


BalsamFirSoap.jpg Balsam Fir Soap Price: $4.95

A traditional Christmas fragrance. Clean Fresh Balsam fir fragrance! This is soo nice any time of the year. Men love this fragrance!

soapbartlettpear.jpg Bartlett Pear Price: $4.95
A true Bartlet Pear fragrance. If you like the fruit type scents you will love this very popular Soap.
bedtimebathsoap8.JPG Bedtime Bath type Soap Price: $4.95 On Sale! $4.25 Bedtime Bath type Soap
Average rating:
Calming, relaxing and warming. Always a Top Seller! 
bergamotmandarinsoap2.jpg Bergamot Mandarin Price: $4.95
A nice energizing twist of Bergamot blended with the fresh citrus fragrance of mandarin orange, creates this perfect invigorating bar of handmade Soap.
One bar of our Bergamot Mandarin soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz
soapberrybramble.jpg Berry Bramble Price: $4.95
Berries and Cherries! Fruity & Juicy! Raspberries & Blueberries!
blackcherrysoap.jpg Black Cherry Bomb Price: $4.95

Once again calling all Cherry Lovers! This fragrance is a bit Stronger then a regular Black Cherry Fragrance.

blueberry3.jpg Blueberry Bay Price: $4.95

Love the berries! The Sweet berry notes of Blueberry & Bayberry mixed with a bit of woodsey pine makes a great mingle. This is a good one if you love berries.
One bar of our Blueberry Bay soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz each

muffinblueberry.jpg Blueberry Muffins Price: $4.95
Calling all Blueberry Lovers! Imagine a Blueberry Muffin without the calories!
soapgrapejelly.jpg Brandy Soap Price: $4.95
Brandy has a very intense aroma and so does this soap. Real rich and golden-brown aged fragrance.


soapbubblegum.jpg Bubble Gum Jo Price: $4.95
This soap really does make me want to wash my hands, and I take forever in the shower now!
soapbutterfly4.jpg Butterfly Kissed Price: $4.95

My brother and I tried to imagine what their kisses smell like. Sweet we think, like Raspberry and flowers like Violet.

Pinkhandmadesoap.jpg Candy Cane Soap Price: $4.95

This soap smells just like a Candy Cane! Sweet and pepperminty!
Great for any time of the year.

soapvioletcandies1.jpg Candy Violets Price: $4.95
Remember back in the day... the violet candy's ?This soap smells similar to the violet candy!
100_3147.JPG Cantaloupe Explosion Price: $4.95

OMG! If you like the smell of Cantaloupe, you are sure to love our Cantaloupe Explosion!

caribbeancantaloupesoap.jpg Caribbean Cantaloupe Price: $4.95

Awww ... The Islands .. Our Caribbean Cantaloupe is a sweet treat in the shower!

soapbubblegumjo.jpg Carmens Cotton Candy Price: $4.95
We don't have to wait all year for the fair to smell Cotton Candy cause we have the fragrance in a soap!
cupcakesoap.jpg Carmens Cupcake Price: $4.95

This soap smells so real that I have to remind myself, "this is soap" Do not eat! 

Carnation.JPG Carnation Soap Price: $4.95

Another Beautiful Floral Fragrance. Fragrance is true to it's name.

chamomilehandmadesoap.jpg Chamomile Price: $4.95
This is truly a soothing type of fragrance and great for those who bathe at night.


champagnesoap.JPG Champagne Soap Price: $4.95

Holy Celebration!. This is a super nice fragrance. This "smells" Bubbly!!

choccherries1.jpg Chocolate Covered Cherries Price: $4.95

Wow! Chocolate Covered Cherries. Without the carolies! This smells so Delish!

sandalwoodsoap2.jpg Chocolate Milkshake Price: $4.95

Wow ! Wow and Wow! Chocolate City !

100_3147.JPG Citrus Spice Soap Price: $4.95
You just have to try this one! Freshly squeezed oranges mingles with spices of Nutmeg & Cinnamon.
soapck1.jpg CK1 type Price: $4.95

This our take on the popular fragrance designed by Calvin Klein. A Unisex fragrance loved by both men & women.

soapplainjane.jpg Clean Cotton Soap Price: $4.95

Back to basic's with this classic fragrance.

soapcoconutlimeverbena.jpg Coconut Lime Verbena Price: $4.95

Coconut Lime Verbena soap a nice unisex fragrance. Similar to the popular Bath and Body Works type fragrance,

soapcoconut1.jpg Coconut Soap Price: $4.95
The Coconut ... Is it a fruit or a vegetable? Our refreshing classic Coconut Soap.
soappoppyjasmine.jpg Cola & Poppy Seeds Price: $5.95

Can you imagine scrubbing with vitamins! Poppy seeds are another great natural exfoliant.

soapCoolcitruscilantro.jpg Cool Citrus & Cilantro Soap Price: $4.95
Cilantro combined with the freshness of sassy citrus. A real nice combination of green notes from the cilantro with a citrus twist.
cranberrysoap.JPG Cranberry Craze Price: $4.95

Quench your dry skin with our latheriffic Soap, Cranberry Craze!

soapcucumbermelon1.jpg Cucumber Melon Price: $4.95
Refreshing Cucumber and Sweet Melon fragrance.
soapenglishleather.jpg English Leather type Price: $4.95

This is our take on the popular English Leather fragrance. A true all time favorite.

soapgardeners.jpg Exfoliating type Bars Price: $26.00 On Sale! $22.99

Made with Rolled Oats help to scrub the dirt & dry skin away naturally. Shipping is included.

freshbamboosoapbar.jpg Fresh Bamboo Soap Price: $4.95

This super fresh modern fragrance blends golden bamboo, and wild grasses into a fabulous blend! Super clean and fresh!

One bar of our Fresh Bamboo. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz each
rosesoapbar5.jpg Fresh Cut Roses Price: $4.95 Fresh Cut Roses
Average rating:
You can smell beautiful Fresh Cut Roses everyday with this soap!
soapfruitloops.jpg Fruity Loopie Price: $4.95
Holy smokes! You will never believe that we have a soap that smells just like the Fruit loops cereal!
soapgijo2.jpg G I Jo-Jo Price: $4.95

My GI Jo-Jo soap smells like the real peppermint patty candy!

champagnesoap.JPG Gardenia Poppy Seed Price: $4.95 Gardenia Poppy Seed
Average rating:

Beautiful Gardenia. Great scrubby type soap.

GardeniaLily.JPG Gardenia Lily Price: $4.95
This captivating fragrance of Gardenia & Elegant lilies makes this a romantic fragrance for both Men & Women.
soapgardenia.jpg Gardenia Soap Price: $4.95 Gardenia Soap
Average rating:
I Just love this Beautiful fragrance. Nice rich Gardenia scent.
soapcucumbermelon1.jpg Gooseberry Soap Price: $4.95

This actually smells like the real Delicious Gooseberry Shrub! 

soapgrapejelly2.jpg Grape Jelly Price: $4.95

Carmen and I both Love this Soap.It smells sweet just like Grape Jelly.

soapgreenapple1.jpg Green Apple Soap Price: $4.95
Pucker Up! This soap has a slight tang to it, and really does smell like a real Green Apple.
soapjollyrancher.jpg Green Jolly Rancher type Price: $4.95
It's nice to have a soap that's like a candy! This smells just like a Green Jolly Rancher.
greenirashtweedsoap2.jpg Green Tweed Soap Price: $4.95
Totally Awesome! Sporty & Masculine! Light fresh green & clean scent with overtures of cool spearmint !
One bar of our Green Tweed. soap. Approx.weight 4.5-5.5oz
soaphawaiianbreeze.jpg Hawaiian Breeze Soap Price: $4.95
Nice tropical type fragrance. Scents of Hawaiian pineapples, Strawberries, Peach's and Orange's.
soaphibiscus.jpg Hibiscus Soap Price: $4.95
Such a pretty fragrance Beautiful, strong scent like the remarkable Hibiscus flower.
Hollyberry.JPG Holly Berry Price: $4.95

Super Festive fragrance. Top notes of tart berries and plum.
Our Holly Berry soap is a wonderful traditional fragrance.

icedlemon.jpg Iced Lemon Soap Price: $4.95
Lemon and more Lemon, on Ice that! A bit of zest to our sparking lemon.
If you like lemon Iced tea then this one is for you!
soapmargarita.jpg Island Margarita Soap Price: $4.95
It's Happy Hour! Somewhere! Hello Island Margarita! This is a nice sweet juicy fragrance.
Carlafacciolosoap-a.JPG Jamaican Me Crazy Soap Price: $4.95

Let's hit the Islands! Close your eyes and think Vacation!

soapjellydonut.jpg Jo-Jo's Jelly Donut Price: $4.95
This makes my mouth water, it really does. Don't bite into it, remember it's soap!
orangebar1.jpg Juicy Couture Type Soap Price: $4.95

This soap is inspired by the popular woman's perfume.  A fruity floral fragrance with mandarin and crème brûlée notes.

Pinkhandmadesoap.jpg Karma Lush type Soap Price: $4.95

This soap smells like the popular Karma Lush type fragrance. 

lavendersoap.jpg Lavender Soap Price: $4.95
A wonderful aroma of lavender flowers. Very popular fragrance.
lemonverbena22.JPG Lemon Verbena Soap Price: $4.95

Real intoxicating fragrance and Gardener's love this fragrance.

lemongrasssoapbar.jpg Lemongrass Soap Price: $4.95

Lemongrass soap is one of our most popular soaps. You may never want to get out of the shower!

lilacsoapbar.jpg Lilac Soap Price: $4.95
The delicate nature of the lilac is softly feminine but Men love it Too!
limecooler.jpg Lime Cooler Price: $4.95
Lime Lovers will think this one is Delish! Lime Lime and more Lime in a Verbena background.


lotusflowersoap.jpg Lotus Flowers Price: $4.95
The Lotus Flower is a symbol of Beauty and blooms in a tropical forest.
soaplovespell.jpg Love Spell type Price: $4.95
If you like the Baby powder you will Love this one. This fragrance is kind of mesmerizing.
soapmango1.jpg Mango Madness Price: $4.95

Wowow a real Super tropical fragrance bursts out of our Mango Madness soap. It brings you right there, on that magnificent tropical island! Who doesn't need a vacation ?

One bar of our Mango Madness soap. Approx.weight 4.5-5.5oz

Margarita.jpg Margarita Soap Price: $4.95
This Mexican cocktail fragrance will just take you away !!!
wildcherry1.JPG Mighty Cherry Soap Price: $4.95

This soap has a real definite cherry scent. Another one that I just love!

soapmonkeyfarts1.jpg Monkee Farts! Price: $4.95

Monkey's eat banana's, coconuts, pineapples, kiwi, oranges, and even apples.

soapBallerina Slippers.jpg Nanny's Favorite Price: $4.95
 Nanny said it's a beautiful fragrance because it has a Gardenia smell to it.
soapvioletcandies1.jpg Nappa Valley Price: $4.95
Nappa Valley with a twist! Very similar to the Yankee Nappa Valley Harvest scent.
nectorsblend23.JPG Nectars Blend Price: $4.95

A nice blend of Citrus and Loaded with Poppy Seeds for a good scrubbyness. 

soapoatmealmilknhoney.jpg Oatmeal Milk & Honey Price: $4.95

Start your day off right with a healthy dose of Oatmeal !

SoapOrangecedarwood.jpg Orange Cedarwood Price: $4.95
Our Orange Cedarwood has the uplifting brightness of the sweet orange with the warm tones of Cedarwood. Real nice combination of fragrances. This is a wonderful fragrance for men. ( Orange bar shown )
One bar of our Orange Cedarwood Soap. Approx.weight 4.5-5.5oz
soaporangefloat.jpg Orange Creamsicle Price: $4.95
My Mom said this one reminds her of the Orange floats from her childhood. Orange & Vanilla!!!


orangebar1.jpg Orange Squeeze Price: $4.95

Bursting with the smell of sweet orange. Condition and cleanse your skin using Natural Soap!

patchoulisoap3.jpg Patchouli Soap Price: $4.95
A wonderful blend of vanilla and earthy patchouli. Patchouli is said to help to reduce tension, insomnia and anxiety.
soappeachfuzz.jpg Peach Fuzz Price: $4.95

You can actually smell the sweet peach nectar in this! Love love love this one.

PineConesa.JPG Pine Cones Soap Price: $4.95
Wonderful blend of Pines and Balsam. Bring the outdoors in!
A Nice Winter type fragrance.
soappineapple.jpg Pineapple Soap Price: $4.95
Oh My goodness!!! Another favorite !!! Our Pineapple soap makes my mouth water. It smells literally delicious! ...  Super summertime fragrance.

One bar of our Pineapple soap. Approx.weight 4.5-5.5oz


soapplainjane.jpg Plain Jane Price: $4.95
Plain plain and Plain. This soap has no fragrance added to it. It actually has the scent of soap ! Great for those who want a handmade soap with nothing added.

One bar of our Plain Jane soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz

soapberrybramble.jpg Poinsettia Soap Price: $4.95

Poinsettia are a Real Holiday Tradition and having a soap in that same fragrance really brings in the holiday.

pomegranatechampagne.jpg Pomegranate Champagne Soap Price: $4.95
If you like the scent of Pomegranate and the taste of Champagne.... Hello there !!!
soapbartlettpear.jpg Pomegranate Mint Soap Price: $4.95

Pomegranate Lovers... this soap is for you !!!

soappomegranate.jpg Pomegranate Soap Price: $4.95
Pomegranate has a real nice fruit fragrance and is a perfect fragrance for a soap.
soappopcorn1.jpg Popcorn ! Price: $4.95

Everyone loves popcorn, and we do too! This Soap smells just like buttered popcorn. It is just amazing!

soappoppysgarden.jpg Poppy's Garden Price: $4.95
Poppy has got to have the best green thumb going! This soap smells just like his vegetable garden.
pumpkinsoap.JPG Pumpkin Spice Soap Price: $4.95

Fall is such a beautiful time of year with pumpkins all around.

soapmeadowsrain.jpg Rainy Meadows Price: $4.95
Nice green uplifting grassy fragrance. Fresh clean wonderful Spring & summer scent. The green notes with a combination of morning dew makes this another Top Seller!
One bar of our Rainy Meadows soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz
RaspberryViolet.JPG Raspberry Violet Soap Price: $4.95
Another favorite! Compares to a Bath & Body Work type fragrance. 
Pinkhandmadesoap.jpg Red Hot Candy Soap Price: $4.95

Our Red Hot Candy Soap screams Happy Valentine Day! Smells so Yummy!

reindeer.JPG Reindeer Burps Price: $4.95

Ever wonder what a Reindeer eats? We think they love nibbling on pine cones, spruce, cedar, and probably love Cinnamon too!

RaspberryViolet.JPG Rice Flower Soap Price: $4.95

Another Super favorite! I Love Love Love this fragrance.

soapsagenwhitetea.jpg Sage & White Tea Price: $4.95
Very sophisticated fragrance. A super aroma.


sandalwoodsoap2.jpg Sandalwood Soap Price: $4.95
Known for it's Soft, sensual, warm and woody fragrance. A real classic masculine fragrance. This is a favorite of women too.
One bar of our Sandalwood soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz
100_0469-001.JPG Secret Crush Price: $4.95

This is the interpretation of the Victoria's Secret fave ... A real Girly Girl fragrance !

caribbeancantaloupesoap.jpg Sex on The Beach Soap Price: $4.95
This soap Smells like the popular fruit mixed drink. Great soap for the Fruit Lovers!
soapspringfling1.jpg Spring Fling Price: $5.95
Introducing our Sensational Spring Fling Soap! The affair between Spearmint & Peppermint equals a Super refreshing fragrance. This one is a great "shower together " soap ! <wink>

One bar of our Spring Fling Soap. Approx.weight 4.5-5.5oz

strawberrieschampagnesoapbars3.jpg Strawberries & Champagne Soap Price: $4.95
Strawberry and a whole lot of sparkling champagne! Nice light fragrance!
orangebar1.jpg Summer Suntan Soap Price: $4.95 On Sale! $4.25

This really smells like our suntan Lotion!

soapballerinaslippers8.jpg Sweet Pea Price: $4.95

Sweet Pea is such a delicate beautiful flower and loved is English Gardens.

soapwatermelon1.jpg Watermelon Juice Price: $4.95
Watermelon Juice! Can you believe it !
strawberrieschampganesoap.jpg Whispering Angel Price: $4.95

Our Whispering Angel Soap has "a whisper" of sweetness to it. The scent is nice and light.

Pinkhandmadesoap.jpg White Zinfandel Wine Soap Price: $4.95
This is a great soap! Has a wonderful aroma of Zinfandel wine.
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