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Leaves are falling all year long with our Fall fragrances!

Remember, every 3 bars purchased, you get one Free!

almondsoap.JPG Almond Soap Price: $4.95
If you like the Almond scent, you'll surely love our Almond soap.
Harvestmoon.jpg Autumn Harvest Soap Price: $4.95
Fall is in the air, especiall with this Wonderful blend of fragrances.


soapbartlettpear.jpg Bartlett Pear Price: $4.95
A true Bartlet Pear fragrance. If you like the fruit type scents you will love this very popular Soap.
bergamotmandarinsoap2.jpg Bergamot Mandarin Price: $4.95
A nice energizing twist of Bergamot blended with the fresh citrus fragrance of mandarin orange, creates this perfect invigorating bar of handmade Soap.
One bar of our Bergamot Mandarin soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz
100_3147.JPG Citrus Spice Soap Price: $4.95
You just have to try this one! Freshly squeezed oranges mingles with spices of Nutmeg & Cinnamon.
cranberrysoap.JPG Cranberry Craze Price: $4.95

Quench your dry skin with our latheriffic Soap, Cranberry Craze!

freshbamboosoapbar.jpg Fresh Bamboo Soap Price: $4.95

This super fresh modern fragrance blends golden bamboo, and wild grasses into a fabulous blend! Super clean and fresh!

One bar of our Fresh Bamboo. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz each
Pinkhandmadesoap.jpg Karma Lush type Soap Price: $4.95

This soap smells like the popular Karma Lush type fragrance. 

soapoatmealmilknhoney.jpg Oatmeal Milk & Honey Price: $4.95

Start your day off right with a healthy dose of Oatmeal !

patchoulisoap3.jpg Patchouli Soap Price: $4.95
A wonderful blend of vanilla and earthy patchouli. Patchouli is said to help to reduce tension, insomnia and anxiety.
PineConesa.JPG Pine Cones Soap Price: $4.95
Wonderful blend of Pines and Balsam. Bring the outdoors in!
A Nice Winter type fragrance.
soappomegranate.jpg Pomegranate Soap Price: $4.95
Pomegranate has a real nice fruit fragrance and is a perfect fragrance for a soap.
pumpkinsoap.JPG Pumpkin Spice Soap Price: $4.95

Fall is such a beautiful time of year with pumpkins all around.

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