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Exfoliating Type Soaps

Exfoliating type Soaps are a must have. Filled with Rolled Oats which is known to exfoliate & help remove dead dry skin. Oatmeal is a source of calcium, iron and vitamin B1 and is known for it's ability to act as an anti-inflammatory and is great for irritated skin.

champagnesoap.JPG Gardenia Poppy Seed Price: $4.95 Gardenia Poppy Seed
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Beautiful Gardenia. Great scrubby type soap.

soappoppyjasmine.jpg Cola & Poppy Seeds Price: $5.95

Can you imagine scrubbing with vitamins! Poppy seeds are another great natural exfoliant.

soapgardeners.jpg Exfoliating type Bars Price: $26.00 On Sale! $22.99

Made with Rolled Oats help to scrub the dirt & dry skin away naturally. Shipping is included.

exfoliatingwash.jpg Exfoliating Wash Price: $8.99

Great Body soap or even a Gardeners soap. Buff and Clean.! This is a wonderful Exfoliating liquid soap made for both men and women. More Info

champagnesoap.JPG Champagne Soap Price: $4.95

Holy Celebration!. This is a super nice fragrance. This "smells" Bubbly!!

nectorsblend23.JPG Nectars Blend Price: $4.95

A nice blend of Citrus and Loaded with Poppy Seeds for a good scrubbyness. 

soapoatmealmilknhoney.jpg Oatmeal Milk & Honey Price: $4.95

Start your day off right with a healthy dose of Oatmeal !

emsugarscrub.JPG Emulsified Sugar Scrub Price: $16.99 On Sale! $12.99 Emulsified Sugar Scrub
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OMG !!! It's like a Lotion in a Sugar Scrub ! Love Love Love our Emulsified Sugar Scrub!
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