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both.JPGHi ! This is Carmen & Jo-Jo ! We wanted to have our own soap line and Mom thought it was a great idea! So we picked out some really cool fragrances. When we have special soaps it actually makes us excited to wash up! Our soaps have the same special formula as our Mom's but we think we have even cooler fragrances ! We are so excited, look what else we have ... Matching Roll-on's  We will be adding more so please check back often.

P.s. Don't forget to check our Bubble Baths
Remember, every 3 Soap bars purchased, you get one Free!

soapmonkeyfarts1.jpg Monkee Farts! Price: $4.95

Monkey's eat banana's, coconuts, pineapples, kiwi, oranges, and even apples.

soapBallerina Slippers.jpg Nanny's Favorite Price: $4.95
 Nanny said it's a beautiful fragrance because it has a Gardenia smell to it.
soapgijo2.jpg G I Jo-Jo Price: $4.95

My GI Jo-Jo soap smells like the real peppermint patty candy!

cupcakesoap.jpg Carmens Cupcake Price: $4.95

This soap smells so real that I have to remind myself, "this is soap" Do not eat! 

soappopcorn1.jpg Popcorn ! Price: $4.95

Everyone loves popcorn, and we do too! This Soap smells just like buttered popcorn. It is just amazing!

soapbubblegum.jpg Bubble Gum Jo Price: $4.95
This soap really does make me want to wash my hands, and I take forever in the shower now!
soapbutterfly4.jpg Butterfly Kissed Price: $4.95

My brother and I tried to imagine what their kisses smell like. Sweet we think, like Raspberry and flowers like Violet.

soapgrapejelly2.jpg Grape Jelly Price: $4.95

Carmen and I both Love this Soap.It smells sweet just like Grape Jelly.

soaporangefloat.jpg Orange Creamsicle Price: $4.95
My Mom said this one reminds her of the Orange floats from her childhood. Orange & Vanilla!!!


soapcooljoe.jpg Jo-Cool Price: $4.95
Holy Smokes! I Love this. I wanted so bad to name this Clear-noggin! But because it's soooo Cool!
soapwatermelon1.jpg Watermelon Juice Price: $4.95
Watermelon Juice! Can you believe it !
soapbubblegumjo.jpg Carmens Cotton Candy Price: $4.95
We don't have to wait all year for the fair to smell Cotton Candy cause we have the fragrance in a soap!
soapfruitloops.jpg Fruity Loopie Price: $4.95
Holy smokes! You will never believe that we have a soap that smells just like the Fruit loops cereal!
soapjellydonut.jpg Jo-Jo's Jelly Donut Price: $4.95
This makes my mouth water, it really does. Don't bite into it, remember it's soap!
soapjollyrancher.jpg Green Jolly Rancher type Price: $4.95
It's nice to have a soap that's like a candy! This smells just like a Green Jolly Rancher.
soappoppysgarden.jpg Poppy's Garden Price: $4.95
Poppy has got to have the best green thumb going! This soap smells just like his vegetable garden.
soapballerinaslippers8.jpg Ballerina Slippers Price: $4.95
Sweet Sweet and Sweet! I love this one! It's all kinds of Cherries blasted into a soap!


muffinblueberry.jpg Blueberry Muffins Price: $4.95
Calling all Blueberry Lovers! Imagine a Blueberry Muffin without the calories!
soapcherrigodmother.jpg Cherri GodMother Price: $4.95
Sugar and berries, bubblegum & cherries. This is perfect for my sweet tooth and I bet you'll love it too.!
carmenrollon1.jpg Carmen's Roll-On's Price: $5.99

Our Roll-on's are made with the same great oils as our Mom's, Coconut oil and Vitamin E ! Having my own roll-on makes me feel sooo cool!

carmenbubblebath1.jpg Kids Bubble Baths Price: $7.99

Our Mom loves the  glycerin and chamomile in this and we can understand why. Our skin really feels sooo soft after we're done!

strawberrieschampganesoap.jpg Whispering Angel Price: $4.95

Our Whispering Angel Soap has "a whisper" of sweetness to it. The scent is nice and light.

sandalwoodsoap2.jpg Chocolate Milkshake Price: $4.95

Wow ! Wow and Wow! Chocolate City !

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