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Floral Scented Soaps

Our Floral Soaps are Beautifully scented. Everyone loves a touch of floral!

Remember, every 3 bars purchased, you get one Free!

RaspberryViolet.JPG Baby Grace type Soap Price: $4.95

We Hit the nail on the head with this Beautiful Duplication!

RaspberryViolet.JPG Rice Flower Soap Price: $4.95

Another Super favorite! I Love Love Love this fragrance.

soapberrybramble.jpg Poinsettia Soap Price: $4.95

Poinsettia are a Real Holiday Tradition and having a soap in that same fragrance really brings in the holiday.

Carnation.JPG Carnation Soap Price: $4.95

Another Beautiful Floral Fragrance. Fragrance is true to it's name.

champagnesoap.JPG Gardenia Poppy Seed Price: $4.95 Gardenia Poppy Seed
Average rating:

Beautiful Gardenia. Great scrubby type soap.

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