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Men care more about their skin these days then ever before. They say it's a practical luxury!
These are Great fragrances for both Men & Women.

greenirashtweedsoap2.jpg Green Tweed Soap Price: $4.95
Totally Awesome! Sporty & Masculine! Light fresh green & clean scent with overtures of cool spearmint !
One bar of our Green Tweed. soap. Approx.weight 4.5-5.5oz
sandalwoodsoap2.jpg Sandalwood Soap Price: $4.95
Known for it's Soft, sensual, warm and woody fragrance. A real classic masculine fragrance. This is a favorite of women too.
One bar of our Sandalwood soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz
freshbamboosoapbar.jpg Fresh Bamboo Soap Price: $4.95

This super fresh modern fragrance blends golden bamboo, and wild grasses into a fabulous blend! Super clean and fresh!

One bar of our Fresh Bamboo. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz each
bergamotmandarinsoap2.jpg Bergamot Mandarin Price: $4.95
A nice energizing twist of Bergamot blended with the fresh citrus fragrance of mandarin orange, creates this perfect invigorating bar of handmade Soap.
One bar of our Bergamot Mandarin soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz
patchoulisoap3.jpg Patchouli Soap Price: $4.95
A wonderful blend of vanilla and earthy patchouli. Patchouli is said to help to reduce tension, insomnia and anxiety.
soapenglishleather.jpg English Leather type Price: $4.95

This is our take on the popular English Leather fragrance. A true all time favorite.

soapck1.jpg CK1 type Price: $4.95

This our take on the popular fragrance designed by Calvin Klein. A Unisex fragrance loved by both men & women.

soapspringfling1.jpg Spring Fling Price: $5.95
Introducing our Sensational Spring Fling Soap! The affair between Spearmint & Peppermint equals a Super refreshing fragrance. This one is a great "shower together " soap ! <wink>

One bar of our Spring Fling Soap. Approx.weight 4.5-5.5oz

SoapOrangecedarwood.jpg Orange Cedarwood Price: $4.95
Our Orange Cedarwood has the uplifting brightness of the sweet orange with the warm tones of Cedarwood. Real nice combination of fragrances. This is a wonderful fragrance for men. ( Orange bar shown )
One bar of our Orange Cedarwood Soap. Approx.weight 4.5-5.5oz
soapsagenwhitetea.jpg Sage & White Tea Price: $4.95
Very sophisticated fragrance. A super aroma.


menrollon.jpg Mens Roll-on Oils Price: $5.99

Men love to smell good ! And we love to smell good men! Easy to carry  in your pocket for a quick touch up. Our concentrated fragrances are blended in a base of two Excellent oils, Coconut and Vitamin E ! The resulting mens Roll-on fragrance oil is super light, and quickly absorbed. Conveniently packaged in a .35 oz. glass bottle with a roll on applicator. Our mens Roll-ons create a nice, yet powerful scent.

preshaveoil4.jpg Pre-Shave Oil Price: $8.99

Pre-Shave lotion is made to help give you a clean comfortable Shave. Just massage a little oil into stubble and apply shaving cream or gel, then shave.  More Info

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