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I Love Clean type fragrances.  Just Love them!
Clean fragrances are refreshing to the senses!

There is nothing quite like a wonderful, comfortable, clean & fresh feeling.
If you like clean fragrances, we have Top Selling one's below. Try a few bars, bet you'll love them too !

Remember, every 3 bars purchased, you get one Free!

soapbabypowder.jpg Baby Powder Soap Price: $4.95 Baby Powder Soap
Average rating:
Nice warm baby fresh, baby soft background. One of my Fav's.
bedtimebathsoap8.JPG Bedtime Bath type Soap Price: $4.95 On Sale! $4.25 Bedtime Bath type Soap
Average rating:
Calming, relaxing and warming. Always a Top Seller! 
juniper breeze soap.jpg Juniper Breeze type Price: $4.95

Our version of this popular BBW type. A wonderful balance of floral scents makes this a popular clean and fresh fragrance!

soapplainjane.jpg Plain Jane Price: $4.95
Plain plain and Plain. This soap has no fragrance added to it. It actually has the scent of soap ! Great for those who want a handmade soap with nothing added.

One bar of our Plain Jane soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz

soapmeadowsrain.jpg Rainy Meadows Price: $4.95
Nice green uplifting grassy fragrance. Fresh clean wonderful Spring & summer scent. The green notes with a combination of morning dew makes this another Top Seller!
One bar of our Rainy Meadows soap. Approx. weight 4.5-5.5oz
soapsagenwhitetea.jpg Sage & White Tea Price: $4.95
Very sophisticated fragrance. A super aroma.


soapoatmealmilknhoney.jpg Oatmeal Milk & Honey Price: $4.95

Start your day off right with a healthy dose of Oatmeal !

100_3558-001.JPG Baby Dolls Price: $4.95
This smells like Fresh Clean Powder, just the way Baby Dolls should smell. Clean & Fresh.
chamomilehandmadesoap.jpg Chamomile Price: $4.95
This is truly a soothing type of fragrance and great for those who bathe at night.


BalsamFirSoap.jpg Balsam Fir Soap Price: $4.95

A traditional Christmas fragrance. Clean Fresh Balsam fir fragrance! This is soo nice any time of the year. Men love this fragrance!

Pinkhandmadesoap.jpg Candy Cane Soap Price: $4.95

This soap smells just like a Candy Cane! Sweet and pepperminty!
Great for any time of the year.

soapplainjane.jpg Clean Cotton Soap Price: $4.95

Back to basic's with this classic fragrance.

RaspberryViolet.JPG Rice Flower Soap Price: $4.95

Another Super favorite! I Love Love Love this fragrance.

champagnesoap.JPG Champagne Soap Price: $4.95

Holy Celebration!. This is a super nice fragrance. This "smells" Bubbly!!

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